My Big Mistake – I Bought a Cheap Garden Fork!

You can often get good deals on gardening equipment in the discount shops – however my recommendation would be when shopping at the discounters, stick to the basics like canes, twine, plant pots etc and buy your tools from the professionals.

During the summer my old wooden handled garden fork snapped for the umpteenth time, the following day I happened to be buying some plant markers in my local discount shop and I saw they had a plastic and steel garden fork for just £5.99 so instead of replacing the handle again on my old fork I bought this cheap one.

Well after a couple of hours digging over a nettle filled patch on my allotment this cheap fork was not in very good condition to say the least! The prongs were completely bent out of shape and on the verge of snapping.  Now I was fed up – I didn’t want to buy another wooden handled fork and the cheap discounters fork was useless to put it mildly! I decided to use a full steel handled fork from Lasher Tools.

You can see from the picture what my Lasher fork looks like at the end of this summers forking of many beds – perfect condition and no more snapped handles!

Environmental Impact of Cheap Gardening Tools

As gardeners and allotmenteers we are more in touch with the natural environment and are more concerned with conserving the earths resources. I really think that these cheap gardening tools are having an awful impact on the environment – they are basically one use disposable rubbish. So besides the waste of plastic, steel and energy in producing cheap tools, they increase the rubbish going to landfill. I actually felt terrible when I had to throw out this garden fork – I couldn’t even recycle it because it was a composite of plastic and metal and when I called the council they told me to put it in the non-recyclable bin.

My advice is :

Buy once – Buy Quality  – Buy Lasher

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4 Replies to “My Big Mistake – I Bought a Cheap Garden Fork!”

  1. I daren’t think how money I’ve spent on ‘New & Improved’ or ‘Next Great Thing’ gardening tools! Stick to the basics is what I say – good quality costs a little more, but it’s so worth it.

  2. I agree as I thought I’d got a bargain by buying a cheaper fork but the prongs bent as soon as i used it!

  3. My Mum and I are always buying little tools or things for the garden !! But obviously it was too good to be true and too cheap that it’s not going to do much or last long unfortunately!!

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