Lawn Care Tips – Watering & Trimming

The sanctity and importance of the common garden lawn often gets overlooked on gardening blogs; as keeping a garden lawn in shape is often not considered rocket science when compared with planting exotic or temperamental plant species… yet, it’s one of those niggling concerns that amateur gardeners face – as when you think about it, the garden lawn is akin to the living room of a house; it’s here where you’ll house barbecues, garden parties, hide and seek, waterslides and so on.

The garden lawn is one of the most central features of your garden and one of the most noticeable areas of neglect should you not keep on top of it, particularly over summer, when some people find themselves having to mow their lawn once or twice a fortnight.

There is something beautiful about the feel of cool green grass beneath your feet on a hot summer’s day, but if you don’t want the onerous duty of looking after your lawn, you could consider getting a grass alternative such as the artificial grass supplied by Evergreens that means you would be free from all maintenance duties.  Whilst this is the type of grass used by event companies with indoor displays, there’s no reason it can’t be used outdoors, as an alternative for your garden… ensuring you have a glorious lawn all year round without any of the weeding, mowing, or watering every other lawn requires.

This article provides a simple overview of two common aspects required to care for your lawn – watering and trimming:


Aim to water the lawn after the sunsets in the evening or early in the morning before the sun gains strength; the myth that watering in the sunshine will turn your emerald green lawn into a scorched nightmare is mostly unfounded… it’s just wasteful, as watering in the midday sun means most the water will evaporate rather than soak down to where it needs to be.  Many experts recommend watering first thing in the morning as the sun will dry the grass out within a few hours, which means there’s less chance of disease associated with the grass sitting in too much water.  There’s no need to water each morning; as it’s better to water deeply and infrequently, as this approach encourages root growth and increases resistance to drought and disease.


It can be tempting to keep your grass short but tall grass makes for a much healthier lawn.  Try to avoid cutting it below two inches (5cm) as the ideal length in terms of having healthy grass is around three inches (7cm).  When you’re cutting the grass, you want to be removing not much more than ⅓ of the blade of grass, as trimming any further than this can seriously damage your grass.  You’ll want to mow the lawn when it’s cool and dry; especially avoid cutting the law whilst it’s wet or in midday sun.  The final point is to either leave the grass clippings on the lawn, as they decompose quickly and provide much needed nutrients, or use the grass as fertiliser on other plants. Nowadays there are many different lawn mowers with various features for adjusting the height of cut, and mulching the clippings.

So, there we have it, two core aspects of keeping a healthy lawn and an alternative option that would lead to having a much less onerous weekly task; particularly good for busy people or older folk that are struggling with the physical demands of mowing the lawn.

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